About yeiry.com

 Creative problem solver. BILINGUAL Writer/Translator.

Yeiry Guevara wears many hats although she only owns one. In her tenure in the nonprofit scene, she has been responsible for many facets of running a successful organization.

Currently, Yeiry is Manager of Consultants and Programs at National Executive Service Corps, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering other nonprofits through management consulting. In this role, Yeiry manages all the online communications including social media, develops and implements marketing strategies and is the Salesforce System Administrator. 

A lady of many talents, Yeiry also nurtures her other passions through: 

Additionally, Yeiry's writing has been published in several publications.  Her most recent articles can be found here.  Previous art events are listed here.

Yeiry received her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Finance and International Business with a minor in Latin American Studies from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.

Originally from Houston, TX, Yeiry lives in New York, NY.


Tech Consulting

For your organization

  • Which social media should I focus on?
  • What's wrong with my organization's database?
  • What's the difference between all these email marketing services?

Not exactly sure what's the issue?
No worries. Yeiry will get to the bottom of it. 
Feel free to drop a line here to get the conversation going. 


How Do You Say...

native fluency in spanish and english

  • Translating
  • Ghostwriting
  • Storytelling

From developing web content, transcribing market research to translating an award-winning independent film, Yeiry finds the right words to say it in Spanish and English. 

In other words, check out her portfolio.

Si usted desea practicar su español con una nativa hablante que no lo juzgará, puedo ayudarle con eso también.


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