(Mexrissey: Camilo Lara, Adanowsky, Jay de la Cueva, Ceci Bastida photographed by Rahav Segev for BAM. )

M&TC: We were so excited to experience the phenomenon that is Mexrrissey with Camilo Lara first hand in Brooklyn.

Having spearheaded our own Mex Moz party in NYC for the last few years, it’s an identity and a way of life for us! So we were all in, sporting our favorite Morrissey shirts to support the cause.

As Ceci Bastida, Lara, and Ricardo Najera started to belt out Morrissey/Smiths songs they wrote in Spanish, we quickly got the chills. It was the confluence of seeing some of our favorite childhood musicians crooning Morrissey and in Spanish. Our childhood, teen angst and adult emotional outlets converged.

The super band known as Mexrrissey riffed off of the Morrissey mood of heartache and alienation with pumped up trumpet and cowbell pronouncements. There was a flow of titillating mariachi that made our hearts soar.

Our friend Ariel Roman said, “Hearing songs that I love, performed the way I always imagined them to sound. The Smiths/Morrissey melodies are not too far from cumbias, mariachi, cha cha cha.”

And Francisco Cervantes said, “It was that Juan Gabriel smashup” that got him.

More than anything, we were filled with pride and pleasure in seeing all of our integral “underground” cultures orchestrated by Lara. He lead us with wit and jokes through our favorite songs rewritten with el sentido mexicano, “Cada dia es Domingo” and Suedehead as “Estuvo Bien”.  We can’t wait to get our hands on those lyrics so that we can sing them aloud at our next Mex Moz party.

fue super chevere!

that “querida” interlude was amazzzzzing