El Zine Exhibition - 9/17/19

I’m so excited to be featured in this zine exhibition in NYU. Although I will not be able to see it in person, I am overjoyed to have my work alongside other wonderful zines. Thank you Barbara at The Latinx Project of NYU for making this possible!

About the Event:
el zine: contemporary underground archives 

In the last ten years we’ve seen DIY publishers expand tenfold with a new zine fest popping up every month in cities worldwide. The incorporation of zine tents in art book fairs like Printed Matter in NYC and LA exemplify mere fragments of the creative output that thrives outside of mainstream publishing platforms. This generation has re-embraced the analog and DIY mentality of content creation by rejecting traditional processes of editorial gatekeeping– a mechanism that keeps the most interesting creators (including many Latinx) at bay. This exposition will give you a sense of the ideas percolating in underground art, literature, punk scenes across the country with work that is rare, sometimes obscure, and always distinct. 

This curated selection of DIY content includes monographs, ethnographies of low brow scenes, fiction, art books, health advice for POC, educational and historical texts, and artist catalogs. Most publishers exhibited in El Zine operate outside of mainstream publishing and produce their zines independently with little editorial oversight. This exhibition includes works distinguished for their informality and the rarity of their content. And with freedom to explore any and all topics that have aspects of taboo –like magic, marijuana, sex work– or personal content that may not exist in other media arenas– urban landscapes, ghost stories, queer and trans perspectives, ancestral healing practices– zines offer an exclusive eye into the anxieties, interests, and ideas powering this generation’s cultural production.

Event Details:
On view 9/17/19 - 12/10/19
NYU, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis
20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Documenting the Nameplate - 9/19/19

In my second Houston + NYC collaboration, I’m happy to announce that Documenting The Nameplate will be in Houston for two nights. I met the creators, Marcel and Isabel, at their archive party in Brooklyn. Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan of their work. Check out their Top Rank podcast on the topic as well.

After learning about their plans to visit Houston, I was excited to collaborate to make their visit to H-town memorable.

Come and learn about their project at their talk at University of Houston on 9/18.

Also, get your nameplate scanned at Sawyer Yards on 9/19. All free and open to the public!

Images from when I got my nameplate scanned at their archive party. Photos by Naima Green

San Anto Zine Fest - 10/5/19

Art by  Shelby Criswell !

I’m thrilled to be part of San Anto Zine Fest (SAZF) on October 5, 2019. The organizers are super bad ass women who have created the largest zine fest in San Antonio, TX.  

The beautiful brains behind SAZF: Natasha Hernadez, nurse, writer, and co-publisher of St. Sucia and Isabel Ann Castro, illustrator and co-publisher of St. Sucia; Suzy González, visual artist and co-publisher of Yes Ma’am Zine; Ana Ortiz, poet and co-publisher of La Liga Zine and Isabel Cepeda, visual/sound artist and co-publisher of La Liga Zine. Also, Emma Hernandez at SAPL helped make this fest happen.

This is my first time vending in San Antonio, TX. Also, I will be leading a workshop at SAZF along with my sister who is an Art Therapist! Workshop Details are pending.

Event Details:
October 5, 2019
9 am - 4:30 pm
Free at San Antonio Public Library