El Zine Exhibition - 9/17/19

I’m so excited to be featured in this zine exhibition in NYU. Although I will not be able to see it in person, I am overjoyed to have my work alongside other wonderful zines. Thank you Barbara at The Latinx Project of NYU for making this possible!

About the Event:
el zine: contemporary underground archives 

In the last ten years we’ve seen DIY publishers expand tenfold with a new zine fest popping up every month in cities worldwide. The incorporation of zine tents in art book fairs like Printed Matter in NYC and LA exemplify mere fragments of the creative output that thrives outside of mainstream publishing platforms. This generation has re-embraced the analog and DIY mentality of content creation by rejecting traditional processes of editorial gatekeeping– a mechanism that keeps the most interesting creators (including many Latinx) at bay. This exposition will give you a sense of the ideas percolating in underground art, literature, punk scenes across the country with work that is rare, sometimes obscure, and always distinct. 

This curated selection of DIY content includes monographs, ethnographies of low brow scenes, fiction, art books, health advice for POC, educational and historical texts, and artist catalogs. Most publishers exhibited in El Zine operate outside of mainstream publishing and produce their zines independently with little editorial oversight. This exhibition includes works distinguished for their informality and the rarity of their content. And with freedom to explore any and all topics that have aspects of taboo –like magic, marijuana, sex work– or personal content that may not exist in other media arenas– urban landscapes, ghost stories, queer and trans perspectives, ancestral healing practices– zines offer an exclusive eye into the anxieties, interests, and ideas powering this generation’s cultural production.

Event Details:
On view 9/17/19 - 12/10/19
NYU, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis
20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Tintero Projects Reading at MFAH - 9/5/19

Tintero Projects Reading at MFAH - 9/5/19

L-R: Natasha Carrizosa, Juan Avalos, Alexander P. Garza, Amanda Ortiz, Yeiry Guevara, Lupe Mendez

L-R: Natasha Carrizosa, Juan Avalos, Alexander P. Garza, Amanda Ortiz, Yeiry Guevara, Lupe Mendez

I’ve been away from Texas for over 8 years. There has been a lot of learning and growing (everyday!) since I returned to my hometown from NYC. One of the most important NYC lessons I wanted to continue was finding my creative community. Over the last few months, I have had the good fortunate to connect with so many creative brains. This event was particularly important to me because it took place at a local institution where I had my earliest memory of art. Thank you Lupe Mendez at Tintero Projects for including me with other wonderful local writers. Thank you Sydney and Veronica at the MFAH for making this event possible.

About the Event:
Enjoy a unique literary experience as the MFAH collaborates once again with Tintero Projects. In the galleries of Between Play and Grief: Selections from the Latino American Collection, five professional Houston writers perform written pieces inspired by works of art from the exhibition.

Event Details:
7-8 pm on September 5, 2019
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
MFAH Website

Antonio Berni,  Carnaval de Juanito,  1962, collage, collection of Gail and Louis K. Adler. © José Antonio Berni

Antonio Berni, Carnaval de Juanito, 1962, collage, collection of Gail and Louis K. Adler. © José Antonio Berni

Documenting the Nameplate - 9/19/19

In my second Houston + NYC collaboration, I’m happy to announce that Documenting The Nameplate will be in Houston for two nights. I met the creators, Marcel and Isabel, at their archive party in Brooklyn. Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan of their work. Check out their Top Rank podcast on the topic as well.

After learning about their plans to visit Houston, I was excited to collaborate to make their visit to H-town memorable.

Come and learn about their project at their talk at University of Houston on 9/18.

Also, get your nameplate scanned at Sawyer Yards on 9/19. All free and open to the public!

Images from when I got my nameplate scanned at their archive party. Photos by Naima Green

San Anto Zine Fest - 10/5/19

Art by  Shelby Criswell !

I’m thrilled to be part of San Anto Zine Fest (SAZF) on October 5, 2019. The organizers are super bad ass women who have created the largest zine fest in San Antonio, TX.  

The beautiful brains behind SAZF: Natasha Hernadez, nurse, writer, and co-publisher of St. Sucia and Isabel Ann Castro, illustrator and co-publisher of St. Sucia; Suzy González, visual artist and co-publisher of Yes Ma’am Zine; Ana Ortiz, poet and co-publisher of La Liga Zine and Isabel Cepeda, visual/sound artist and co-publisher of La Liga Zine. Also, Emma Hernandez at SAPL helped make this fest happen.

This is my first time vending in San Antonio, TX. Also, I will be leading a workshop at SAZF along with my sister who is an Art Therapist! Workshop Details are pending.

Event Details:
October 5, 2019
9 am - 4:30 pm
Free at San Antonio Public Library

Fresh Arts Summit - 7/20/19

Fresh Arts Summit - 7/20/19

Workshop Presenter for the Fresh Arts Summit

Workshop Presenter for the Fresh Arts Summit

It was a blast to present at the Fresh Arts Summit on 7/20. I led a session titled “Applications 101”, Session F4. Check out Fresh Arts and all their services for Houston Artists. Register here by 7/14.

About the Summit:

”The Fresh Arts Summit is a 2-day conference offering 20+ skill-building workshops, expert lectures, artist panels + round table discussions, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The Summit is ideal for emerging to established artists, makers, and creatives of all disciplines who seek to advance their entrepreneurial skills, expand their peer network, and tap into local resources.”

Session Details:
Session F4. Essentials: Applications 101 with Yeiry Guevara

Grants, fellowships, residencies, etc. etc. They all require an application, but where do you even start? Artist, writer, and Grants Manager for Houston Arts Alliance Yeiry Guevara will cover application basics by establishing working definitions of common application terms, best practices, and what to look out for when applying for certain opportunities. 

Event Details:
July 19-20, 2019
Silver Street Studios
2000 Edwards Street, Houston, TX 77007

The Unapologetic Street Series Pop-Up - 4/20/19

The Unapologetic Street Series Pop-Up - 4/20/19

Salvi Dream Team Collaborators: Moe Penders, Johanna Toruño and Yeiry Guevara

Salvi Dream Team Collaborators: Moe Penders, Johanna Toruño and Yeiry Guevara

Flyer Design by  Iliana of Grow.Mija

Flyer Design by Iliana of Grow.Mija

As an artist, I’m always open to collaborating. Upon my move to Texas, one of my main goals was to host and create events in the trillest city on earth, Houston. When I learned my NYC Homie Johanna was on tour, we were able to connect to bring her art project, The Unapologetic Street Series (formerly known as The Unapologetically Brown Series) to Houston. The pop-up found a perfect home with Moe Pender’s show, El Chow: Mango Verde at Sabine Street Studios.

Major thanks to: Moe for all their incredible work to make this event possible; Somos Semillas & Sphynx Houston for the delicious vegan food. Excellent tunes provided by DJ Emily Eareta.

Event Details:
April 20, 2019
2 - 7 pm
Free at Sabine Street Studios, HTX

Spring 2019 News

Spring 2019 News

La vida da vueltas

Almost a year ago, I made some big moves! I went full-time with my freelance creative career, I got a dog, I learned so much about myself. Like the way water cuts stone, all the fast paced life transitions have carved a new path in my career and life. I’m super proud to share the great news with yall:

I’m the new Grants Manager for Houston Arts Alliance

Houston Arts Alliance has a direct and significant impact on the arts landscape in Houston and I’m so honored to be in this new role. I’m learning so much! This position is a perfect alignment of my business acumen and artistic endeavor. I’m so happy to be working with this incredible team at HAA as well as Houston artists and arts organizations. I plan to fully immerse my senses on all things art in Houston. There will be so much H-town culture on my social medias, look out.

BYE NYC - I moved to Texas

After 8 years in NYC, I have crossed off my New York bucket list. Brooklyn midnight adventures, check. Cry in the park, check. Cry on the subway, check. Talk to my high school crush on the subway, check. Visit the World’s Fair in Queens, check. Speak at Twitter, check. I’ve learned what I needed and could ever possibly want in that tiny concrete island. I will always have mad love for NY! Aint nobody can do a bagel like Tompkins Square Bagel in the East Village.  Of course yall know, my heart has always been in Texas. The day I was packing, was the day Solange’s latest album, “When I Get Home”, dropped. I took this as a serendipitous sign of coming home. So catch me around H-town and teach me the ways of cheaper real estate in Texas.

LA, I’ll Be Seeing You Soon

Another big news is that I’ll be presenting on a wonderful panel with amazing Salvi women for the LA Times Festival of Books on Sunday, April 14th. Karla Vasquez, Yesika Salgado and I will be in conversation with la maravillosa Marty Preciado. Check out all the details here. SO EXCITED!!

I’m still making art

Art saves me. I’m settling into these life transitions and my deepest love will always be art. I’m being gentle with my creative process and allowing it to flow in whichever ways it comes. All that flowery language to say, I’m working on some stuff. I do plan to do some events in Houston (and wherever yall want me to present with an honorarium, drop a line here). I’ll be releasing the new stuff as it comes through.

Thanks for being part of the journey! I’m really excited for what the future holds and best believe I’ll be writing about it. Hasta la proxima.

LA Times Festival of Books - 4/14/19

all Salvi women panel at the country’s biggest literary festival! OMG!

It was a  true honor to present on this panel titled “Cultural Preservation Through Writing” at the LA Times Festival of Books 2019. I was alongside the amazing Marty Preciado, Yesika Salgado and Karla T. Vasquez. These women have my complete admiration and I was over the moon excited to share a stage with them. Thank you Marty for making this happen. Thank you Yesika and Karla for the necessary and beautiful art you both create. Thank you siblings for the immense support. Thank you all who showed up and/or sent your support from abroad.

L.A., you have my heart always.

Left to right: Marty Preciado, Yeiry Guevara, Yesika Salgado, Karla T. Vasquez for L.A. Times Festival of Books 2019

Left to right: Marty Preciado, Yeiry Guevara, Yesika Salgado, Karla T. Vasquez for L.A. Times Festival of Books 2019

Check out our interview with Bla Blah Show TV, broadcasted nationally in Mexico.

Sunday, April 14, 2019  
10:30 - 11:30 am
University of Southern California, Salvatori Computer Science Center 101
See link for event info - requires a ticket! RSVP there.

Event Photos

Spoken Word Poetry Video

Hey 2019! I finally made my dream multimedia project come to life.

Here is my first video of my spoken word poetry. The poem is titled “Amar Al Aire Libre”.

I was inspired by all types of romance, food from oriente and the big country landscapes of the tiny El Salvador.

The video is captioned in Spanish. I wrote, voiced, directed and edited it all.


Poema leído y producido por Yeiry Guevara.

Buena Conmigo-Lotería Exhibition - 12/8/18

A year after my first art show ever in this space, I’m so proud to be showing all new pieces at Hardy & Nance Studios again. I created these original images for the “Buena Conmigo-Lotería Exhibtion”, organized by the East End Studio Gallery

The show is lotería themed so I put a Salvi spin on this classic latinx game. 

My Salvi Lotería Pieces: “El Cuzuco” & “El Jicaro”

My Salvi Lotería Pieces: “El Cuzuco” & “El Jicaro”

Sadly, I will not be able to attend in person but check out the show and see other great pieces. 

Event Details  

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Gallery Viewing: 1 - 4 pm

Loteria Game: 4:30 - 8 pm

The Hardy & Nance Studios

902 Hardy St, Houston, TX 77020

Facebook Event

Zine Fest Houston - 11/17/18


Houston, I was so happy to be part of this reading and discussion panel at Zine Fest Houston 2018.

Thanks Reyes for inviting me to be a part of “Latinx Zinesters in Texas: A Reading and Discussion Featuring Reyes Ramirez, Claudia Delfina Cardona, Yeiry Guevara, and moderated by S Rodriguez.”

I sold copies of my zines and tiny zines at the event as well.


Event Details

Saturday, November 17, 2018

4:00 - 5:00 pm - Panel & Reading

Lawndale Arts Center

4912 Main St., Houston, TX 77002

Free for all ages

Facebook Event

Thank you Moe + Maria for the pics!

Miércoles de Poesía en San Salvador - 11/14/18


Por la primera vez, pude leer mi poesía en persona en San Salvador, El Salvador. Estaba súper emocionada de poder compartir mis obras en mis tierras ancestrales. Gracias Janel, Alberto y el conjunto de Los Tacos de Paco por invitarme y todo el esfuerzo que hacen para promover la poesía en Centroamérica.

Detalles sobre el Evento:

Miércoles, 14 de noviembre a las 7:30 pm

En Los Tacos de Paco, Colonia Miramonte, Avenida Los Andes 2931, San Salvador, El Salvador

Entrada Gratis para Toda Edades

Enlace de Facebook

For the first time ever, I did an in-person reading in San Salvador, El Salvador. I was super excited to share my work and to bring it all home! Thank you Janel, Alberto and the team at Los Tacos de Paco for inviting me and for all the amazing work y’all do for poetry in Central America.

Event Details:

Wednesday, November 14 at 7:30 pm

At Los Tacos de Paco, Colonia Miramonte, Avenue Los Andes 2931, San Salvador, El Salvador

Free Entry for All Ages

Facebook Link

Orgullo Latinx: El Salvador - 10/19/18


I spoke at this great event with a dear friend of mine, Sayre Quevedo. I was thrilled to share my experience with the college students.

About the Event

Join the Student Organization of Latinxs this Friday for one of our biggest events of the year: Orgullo Latinx!

This year, we have decided to celebrate El Salvador through an evening of games, performances by Cáthia, traditional Salvadoran dishes like pupusas and empanadas de plátano, and an art showcase! 

We will also be hosting Yeiry Guevara and Sayre Quevedo as speakers, as well as Karen López (CC '18) as MC for the evening!

Through this event, we hope to uplift Central American voices that are often excluded from conversations on Latinx identity and representation, migration, and US interventionism.

¡Lxs esperamos!
Friday October 19, 2018 from 7 - 10 PM
Columbia University
Lerner Broadway Room
Facebook Event

CISPES Reading - 10/11/18


I had a reading with CISPES at their event: Fight for Water in El Salvador on October 11, 2018.
Free & open to the public!

About The Event

Please join the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) raise awareness about the fight against water privatization in El Salvador. This event will have a report back on this major issue threatening the 6 million people living in El Salvador, and will also have performances by Salvadoran & Central American poets. 

Performances by:
Cruz Kontrol
Gilmarie Brioso
The Daizeez
Yeiry Guevara
Christopher Soto

American Indian Community House
39 Eldridge St

October 11, 2018
6:30 - 9:00 pm

Facebook Event

Event Photos

LatinX: When Identity Is Hashtagged Panel - 10/10/18

Twitter Panel. Left to right: Laura, Janel, Juliana, Gabe, Kat and Yeiry

Twitter Panel. Left to right: Laura, Janel, Juliana, Gabe, Kat and Yeiry

It was a real dream come true to be part of this talented panel discussing #Latinx Identity for Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, which took place at Twitter NYC. Thank you to Lauren of Twitter ALAS & Janel of Ain’t I Latina for organizing this amazing event. Free and open to the public! RSVP here. Check out event photos below.


Panel Featuring

Juliana Pache, Social Media Director at The Fader
Kat Lazo, Director/Producer/Host of The Kat Call
Yeiry Guevara, Writer/Artist
Gabe Gonzalez, Comedian/Writer
Janel Martinez, Creator/Editor-in-Chief of Ain’t I Latina

About The Event

Join us as we host an insightful panel discussion on how the #Latinx identity and community is celebrated, discussed, and fostered through Twitter during #HispanicHeritageMonth. 

Oct 10, 2018
6:00 pm 

Twitter Headquarters
249 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Event Photos

Antidote Anniversary Celebration - 8/25/18

August 25, 2018 - Antidote Anniverary Celebration

Antidote Books turned 1 year old! In the past year, the owners and my dear friends Ruth and Jeremy, have worked endlessly to create a communal space for literature in Putney, VT. To celebrate this achievement, Antidote Books hosted a day full of fun events at the store.

It's a joy to see their efforts thrive in the community and a big honor to celebrate with them. I hosted my workshop titled "Intergenerational Trauma + The Creative Process" which details the production of "Vos Cipota", my zine based on intergenerational trauma. 

Click to enlarge details

About the Event

Antidote Books would not exist were it not for the support, belief and inspiration of our community. To anyone who has ever shopped at Antidote, attended one of our events, taught a workshop, or read their work at our bookshop, we express our immense gratitude.  Join us for this celebratory event with cake, raffle and refreshments! 10% of our one year anniversary event proceeds will go to Community Asylum Seekers Project VT.


About the Workshop  

Yeiry Guevara is a first-generation Salvadoran whose work seeks to create representation and visibility for communities of color. After releasing her zine “Vos Cipota,” she saw the need from her community to have conversations about intergenerational healing.

In the interactive workshop titled Intergenerational Trauma + Creativity, Yeiry will share what she learned in the production of “Vos Cipota” by breaking down her process: how to “know” what you don’t know, how to hold space for deep conversation with parents/elders, how to take care of yourself when you do get into the deep end of learning your history, and the role of self-care.


Schedule of Events

3 pm - "Skip to the End" Book Launch with Graphic Novelist Jeremy Holt

5 pm - "Intergenerational Trauma + The Creative Process" Workshop hosted by Yeiry Guevara

7 pm - Poetry Reading with Didi Jackson and Major Jackson



Antidote Books
120 Main St., Putney, VT 05346

Facebook Event

The Savior - 1 Year Anniversary Reflections


1 Year Anniversary Release of
"The Savior" 

Reflection on launching a zine, growth as an artist and community building.

Collage Gif

A year ago, my first zine "The Savior" was released into the world. I didn't even know I made a zine or that anyone would want to read my words. I'm forever grateful to those who were involved in the conception of it: My Tio and Dad who wanted to read my work, my sister and friends Suzy and Lizzie who encouraged me to put it on the internet, Zaira of Central American Art & Beauty who shared it with the Central American community. Of course, my eternal gratitude to everyone who has received a copy and embraced it with open arms.

In the last 12 months, my humble words stapled together on copy paper has grown into a new life I would have never imagined. I blossomed into an artist and found strength in my voice. I discovered the power of representation. I found my community of POC creatives and Central Americans. I was nourished by the warm reception, encouragement and support of my community. 

But the work that I do is not just for me. In the last year of sharing my work, I have connected with so many people with similar struggles, histories and all with the same hunger. It's an oddly soothing feeling to be isolated for so long and then to finally meet others who have a similar heartache and heavy soul. I never had a sense of community before but now, we're finding each other to heal with art. 

There is so much healing to be done since our diaspora community of Central American families, refugees and many other vulnerable populations are being attacked everyday. As we're trying to heal, we're constantly slammed against the wall, ripped apart and told our lives mean nothing. How to process nightmare situations on top of an eternal heartache for your people and fragmented history? How do we find survival in the immorality and dehumanization of it all? What value is left when even children are targets?  

I don't have the answer to any of it and I can't begin to process the hell landscape our people are experiencing at the moment. In the disenfranchising waves of it all, it's easy to drown. The hard part is to push forward, that our existence is resistance. As art has taught me, know that you're not alone with these feels. Here's a long list of organizations who are fighting back. Follow LatinaRebels for curated news articles. #CentralAmericanTwitter offers food pics and solidarity.

Yes, the news is draining. Yes, it feels like it's hard to breathe some days. Even more reason to do what you can when you can. No se me agüite con todo esto. Even though we as a community have been through centuries of abuse, we are resilient and together, can move volcanoes. Thank you all for the support y juntos venceremos cualquier pesadilla para seguir adelante.

Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair - 6/30/18 & 7/1/18

Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair - 2018

Summer in NYC is the best! Sunshine, lots of fun events and ice cream trucks in every corner. I vended at Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair for both days this summer.  The event was free and for all ages!

About the Event

Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair
June 30 - July 1
12 - 6 pm

The James Room at Barnard Hall
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

3 Dot Zine presents the second annual Brown Paper Zine and Small Press Fair, an environment where the creative efforts of Black artists and artists of color working in self publishing and printed mediums are exposed and proliferated. 3 Dot Zine is a collaborative, submission-based zine founded by artist Devin N. Morris in 2014 as a way to extend the reach of important dialogues Morris was having with his peers. For the second annual Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair we are excited to partner with the Studio Museum in Harlem. This Studio Salon program is presented as part of inHarlem, a dynamic range of initiatives, strategies, and activities built on the foundation of the Museum’s artist’s projects, permanent collection, and collaborative programs in the Harlem neighborhood.

Taking place at Barnard Hall, with the support of the Barnard Library, this year’s fair weaves together zine makers and artists within a broader community that has historically acted as a cultural quilt of sorts--composed of Black American life, artistic development, diversity and overall excellence. Like quilts, zines utilize similar properties in their design, composition, and binding. Multilayered publications, filled with visual and written dialogues, advice, and personal and political insights, act as places where care and direct communication are prioritized.

The mission remains to heighten visibility for artists of color and to encourage participation in fair environments and the self publishing industry at large.

Nauter xxyz
Khari Ricks 
A. J. Hayes
Celeste Rita Baker
La Chamba
La Liga Zine
Endless Editions
Te Aprecio Foto
Aurora Diaz
Townies Zine
Waller Gallery
Taehee Whang
Homie House Press
Jasjyot Singh Hans
For Your Eyes To Eat
Yeiry Guevara
Wyeth Moss
Rafia's World
Margot Terc / LUNA RIO
Secret Riso Club
Soumya Dhulekar

Facebook Event

Reading with St. Sucia - 5/28/18


I'm a huge fan of St. Sucia and I was so honored to have shared a magical evening with a number of talented poets on Monday, May 28, 2018 at Kaleidoscope Kollective. Lots of happy tears and beautiful words were exchanged. Thank you all who attended!!

From Left: Isabel Ann Castro of St. Sucia, Eugenia Nicole, Yeiry Guevara, Alma Rosa Rivera, Xitlalic Guijosa, Rebecca Gonzales. First Row: Natasha Hernandez of St. Sucia

From Left: Isabel Ann Castro of St. Sucia, Eugenia Nicole, Yeiry Guevara, Alma Rosa Rivera, Xitlalic Guijosa, Rebecca Gonzales. First Row: Natasha Hernandez of St. Sucia

Eugenia Nicole Reading with St. Sucia on May 28, 2018

Eugenia Nicole Reading with St. Sucia on May 28, 2018