San Anto Zine Fest - 10/5/19

Art by  Shelby Criswell !

I’m thrilled to be part of San Anto Zine Fest (SAZF) on October 5, 2019. The organizers are super bad ass women who have created the largest zine fest in San Antonio, TX.  

The beautiful brains behind SAZF: Natasha Hernadez, nurse, writer, and co-publisher of St. Sucia and Isabel Ann Castro, illustrator and co-publisher of St. Sucia; Suzy González, visual artist and co-publisher of Yes Ma’am Zine; Ana Ortiz, poet and co-publisher of La Liga Zine and Isabel Cepeda, visual/sound artist and co-publisher of La Liga Zine. Also, Emma Hernandez at SAPL helped make this fest happen.

This is my first time vending in San Antonio, TX. Also, I will be leading a workshop at SAZF along with my sister who is an Art Therapist! Our session titled “Beyond Treat Yo Self: Self-Care Zine Workshop” is at 2 pm in the Latino Collection and Resource Center.

Event Details:
October 5, 2019
9 am - 4:30 pm,

Workshop at 2 pm
Free at San Antonio Public Library