Commodification of My Idols

I'm getting nauseas by the commodification of my idols. It's as if white people are just noticing how "cute" we are. How our latin@ culture is just "darling". They make products from our images but refuse to maintain eye contact during a conversation. They are profiting a dollar from the art while refusing to acknowledge me and my educated peers as anything beyond "the help".

I don't need a Selena lapel pin.

I really don't need a punk rock envisioning of what Frida Kahlo may look like if she had tattoos.

These women are not yours to own.

The works they creation from their pain is not yours. Our hearts were broken alongside theirs and please stop making them what they are not: products for your Etsy shop, Halloween dress for your baby, or theme for a dance party.

My culture is not a costume.