How To Clean Your Apartment With a Broken Heart

Roll up your sleeves.
Throw everything away.
Put the hurt in plastic garbage bags.
Tie it tight and shut your eyes.
No more eye tears. No more bag tears.

Be gentle with the grief as it is as fragile as dust bunnies.
Sweep it up with all the hurting memories,
you know, the ones where you’re both gushing over
the genius of Samuel R. Delany.

From those fragmented moments when
time was an illusion and
you fall asleep talking, 
staying woke AF as pillow talk to each other.

Where did all this intimacy come from?
How much dead skin cells can I possibly shed?

Cry a little
Dust a bit
Don’t lose mopping momentum

Don’t shut out the parts that ache. 

Dale tiempo al tiempo. Diosito dijo que no era para ti.

The nostalgia swims heavy in the air like the fragrant Pine-Sol bucket.
Don’t miss a spot.
Don’t call them.
There’s nothing to say like there’s nothing to make the floor dry faster.

Sit there with your feelings and wonder,
how can a place so small,
fit so many things,
very much like the four chambers of your heart.